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Third-Party Logistics

Your logistics business can prosper only on real-time updated information and enhanced processes your Third-Party Logistics (3PL) System. With our cloud Raspberry ERP logistics solutions, you’ll feel a difference. Once our ERP is deployed, you get optimized delivery and supply processes, & can ingeniously utilize your 3PL resources.

Supply Chain Management
Key Capabilities:
  • Complete inventory visibility
  • Reduce inventory levels and cycle times
  • Reduce fulfillment cost of on-time fulfillment using partner capabilities
  • Gain better insight into product costs and margins
  • Integrate with your advanced ERP Management
  • Manages 3 rd Party Logistics provider
  • Mobile App for Sales and Customer interaction
  • Integrated with Raspberry
  • Warehouse Management
  • Transport Management
  • IoT Enabled

Warehouse Management

  • Setting up Floor-Plan & Material Master
    • Warehouse Floor Management
    • Setting up Warehouse view of related Materials
  • Stock Capacity Planning
    • Planning Future Receipts based on PO data, Material Master Data & Material Warehouse View & Floor Capacity
    • Planning Future Issues based on SO data, Material Master Data & Material Warehouse View & Floor Stock
  • Goods Receipt / Issue
    • Goods Receipt
      • Loading Plan-Data and generating GR Notes with auto-determination & allocation of storage section, subsection, bin etc. from Goods Receipt Order and Receipt-Plans
      • IoT-Enabled counting of received goods & ensuring batch numbers where applicable
      • Batch / Material wise GR Note confirmation
    • Goods Issue
      • Loading Plan-Data and generating GI Notes with auto-determination of storage section, subsection, bin etc. from Goods Delivery Order ad Issue-Plans
      • IoT-Enabled Picking of Material from exact Storage-Space
      • IoT-Enabled counting of issued goods & ensuring batch numbers where applicable
      • Batch / Material wise GI Note confirmation
    • Stock Replenishment
    • IoT-Enabled Physical Inventory Checking / Stock Audits
  • Business Intelligence
    • MIS Reports & Analytics
    • Capacity Utilization Monitoring for Easy-but-Wise Decision Making Capability
  • Dashboards

Transport Management

  • Optimized Transport operation
    • Carrier Contract Management
      • Carrier Determination
    • Freight Management
      • Economical Vehicle capacity planning
    • Load Optimization
      • Loading / Unloading of Vehicle
      • Pre-planning capabilities paired with WMS for efficient Stage and loading of Shipment
    • Route Optimization and Consolidation
      • Powerful Routing Engine
      • Adjust and Automate Distribution methods to Expand Delivery Strategy
      • Exception handling functionality to reduce expedite cost.
  • Efficient Transport Management
    • Improved Customer Service
      • POD Management (POD Scan App for Pickup and Delivery)
      • Tracking and analyzing On-Time Delivery / Damage Rates
        • Alerts and Notification
      • Eliminating problem Transportation Partners to improve Customer Satisfaction
    • Business Intelligence
      • Improved data accuracy
      • Automated data collection with integrated ERP and WMS system
      • Reporting and Analytics
    • Dashboard