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Integration Platform

It is imperative for business houses to have next to real-time information of its shop-floor or on-field devices, viz. the different machines that accomplish the different business operations in manufacturing and service industries in its home ERP system in order to perform a number of crucial analytics. Today we have MES (Manufacturing Execution System) and IoT (Internet of Things) that help us obtain almost real-time information of the different devices in any industry. However, it is still very challenging to send that information back to the home ERP system. This is where Raspberry Integration Framework / Platform is going to be of help.

How it works:
  • This integration framework governs the data and process flow within an operational environment.
  • Orders / jobs from the source system (customer ERP) are executed by Raspberry ERP System.
  • Jobs are then handed over to the assigned workstations / machines through the PLC or other similar controller with necessary recipe instructions by the Raspberry MES System / Terminals.
  • At the same time, the process data are recorded in order to draw conclusions about each of the recipes provided by the ERP.
  • In addition, early-identifier algorithms can address issues before the system stops functioning.
Possible Application of the Integration Framework System:
  • PLC Machine Integration for automated equipment in any manufacturing process.
  • Integration with ERP System for factory automation.
  • Garment manufacturing units.
  • Plastic injection & extrusion equipment control.
  • Any process control / compliance in chemical, pharmaceutical industries.