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Accelerate Your Subsidy Recovery

With the successful implementation of IFMS, i. e. “Integrated Fertilizer Management System” web portal, the entire movement of the subsidized fertilizer sale by manufacturers to authorized Wholesalers and Retailers of fertilizer is now recorded and monitored through
an integrated POS network of the Govt. of India. However, until and unless the same reaches the ultimate beneficiaries – “The Farmers”, the manufacturers are not eligible to claim the subsidy.

The subsidy, which is the major portion of the selling price, is blocked in the distribution channel until and unless the product reaches the farmer.

Therefore, the manufacturer has no clean visibility of the current location of the fertilizer inventory except the data available in IFMS, since it goes through numerous secondary sales between wholesalers before it reaches the retailers and thereafter, the farmers.

As the secondary and POS sales data in the IFMS is not traced or related to the primary sales done by the manufacturer, it is impossible for the manufacturer to establish accountability on its dealer for slow moving inventory.

Raspberry ERP’s unique algorithm binds manufacturers’ primary sale with secondary and POS sales to give an exact accountability of inventory and the Days of Inventory before a product gets POS sold, i. e. the Recovery Period. Thus it gives a complete traceability of a product's journey from wholesaler to wholesaler or retailer.


Subsidy Management

Algorithm to bind manufacturers’ primary sale with secondary and POS sales to give accurate accountability of inventory and the days of inventory before getting POS sold (Recovery Period). LEARN MORE

Virtual Data Entry Assistant

Bots for automatic data entry operation under human surveillance. LEARN MORE

Ack. Assistant

Event driven Call / Email / Message to Dealers, Field Officers as per customer desired configurable rules. LEARN MORE

AI Forecaster

Algorithm to use historical data to forecast Material Requirements Planning and DOI.

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