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Providing business-friendly ERP technology

Raspberry ERP is a newly formed start-up by a team of experts who have decades of experience in key technological and managerial roles in an array of industry verticals. Our team endeavors to offer an easily configurable but remarkably robust ERP platform at a competitive price. In fact, the upcoming platform incurs much lower configuration cost additions when compared to other ERP solutions available in the market.

Help transform their mission into reality

Help businesses run better and improve the way they function. That’s been our mission from day one. So whenever our customers have the next big idea to transform an industry, to support equality, or get involved in CSR activities – we provide the most compatible technology to help them reach where they desire to and fulfill their vision.

Businesses powered by technological innovations

Businesses require breakthrough technology to get real-time insights into issues, overcome hindrances, and make great decisions. We intend to provide just that for our customers. Fuelled by innovations, we offer progressive technological solutions to our customers which makes doing business easy.

Meet Our Team

Raspberry ERP is a startup formed recently by a team that has several years of experience in key management roles across a variety of industrial and technical areas with an aspiration to offer an extremely configurable but remarkably robust ERP platform at competitive prices that will also incur much lower configuration cost additions. The company is using a very configurable platform and offering solutions in some of the key business verticals. We are forming a team that values the “Can Do” spirit of our employees and believes strongly in building a prolonged healthy relationship with them by providing them with an open and healthy environment where they work with freedom and ownership to build something extraordinary together as a team. We welcome our future colleagues to this Industrial Transformation program.